Book Endorsements

This is BY FAR the most thorough and exhaustive manual on dreams, visions, symbolism, and dream interpretation that we have seen. We consider it a mandatory tool in our personal reference library. This is a must-have for every believer who wants to go farther and deeper into the seer realm

Jeff and Jan Jansen
Global Fire Ministries
Global Fire Church and World Miracle Center

Adam and Adrian have produced the most comprehensive book on dreams and interpretation I have ever seen!

Kathie Walters

"The Divinity Code" is an excellent resource for all prophetic people. The depth of biblical theology and spiritual insight in this book will greatly aid all those who want to know more about the proper function of prophecy. This book also provides sound principals of how to interpret dreams and analyze biblical symbolism. I highly recommend it!"

Stacey Campbell

'The Divinity Code is quickly becoming the dream interpreters dream. I use is regularly to help confirm my dreams. It’s a masterpiece that will become part of your private library. Thank you Adrian and Adam for your dedication and sacrifice in producing this outstanding book - just what we all needed.'

Chris Harvey

Adam and Adrian have done what few in today's 'microwave' culture are willing to do. They have painstakingly researched the topic of dream interpretation like no one else, to my knowledge, in history has. I believe this resource is a must have for every scholar or any person serious about understanding the way God speaks to us through dreams. Adam and Adrian congratulations on a true masterpiece that I believe will stand the test of time throughout many generations.

David Tomberlin
David Tomberlin Ministries

Many times the Lord has spoken to us through dreams, but we would have difficulty knowing what the symbols mean to correctly interpret them. This carefully researched book has a full dictionary to help us interpret our dreams. "The Divinity Code" is an incredible tool in showing us what God is speaking to us on a regular basis and I would highly recommend it.

Jim Drown
Global Evangelistic Missions

A fellow pastor from Canada gave me a gift of "Dreams: The Divinity Code" - The Keys to Decoding your Dreams and Visions by Adrian Beale and Adam F. Thompson of Australia. They like myself realized the importance of listening to the voice of God today through Dreams and Visions; but also like myself - were unable to obtain a textbook untainted apart from an occult background. God led them to prepare the above text over a 4 year period, based on true Evangelical and Bible-grounded background, and made it available in 2008. Following a 10 chapter “help” in dream and vision interpretation, they have then added 101 Sample Dream and Vision Interpretations, based on a Metaphor Dictionary of some 2000 most common Biblically based Metaphors, and also a People and Place Name Dictionary.

I have very thoroughly studied the 10 initial chapters of 124 pages, and spent some time also in their other helps. It is my conviction that God has raised up these two brothers in these last days for a most helpful enlargement upon the tribe of Zebulun, and for evangelism strengthened by “signs following” through a correct method of interpreting dreams and visions. They like myself do not see Dreams and Visions alone as a cure-all - but part of a package of a number of powerful Revival Principles.

Jim Watt

'Last remaining elder from the 1948 Latter Rain Revival'

Apostolic Teacher
Seattle, USA

This is an important book for the body of Christ and has been a profound blessing both to me personally and to many in our church. It serves as a powerful key to a deeper level of relationship with God, as it awakens a hunger to hear more from Him and opens a door to revelation previously ignored. I used to believe that I would hear from God in dreams only on relatively rare occasions and this book has helped me realise how limited my awareness of God’s voice in dreams has been. How wonderful to now recognise the voice of God not only speaking prophetically to me but revealing my heart and the mysteries of the kingdom through my nightly dreams! The scripture warns us to not to despise prophecy (1 Thess 5:20) and this book is a valuable tool in helping the body of Christ to actively value the voice of God.

Katherine Ruonala

Prophetic Evangelist
New Day Ministries

This is an EXCELLENT book. I can't praise it enough. It takes dream interpretation onto a whole new level. I use it everyday. I carry it all over the world with me. It makes dream and vision interpretation quick, simple and accessible for all Christians.

The Metaphor Dictionary alone is worth its weight in gold. The absolute best I have ever seen. If you had offered me $10,000 or this book, I would have taken the book. It's that powerful.

For a prophetic person this book is like being handed a speedboat in place of a canoe, a red Ferrari instead of a bicycle, a spanking new touch screen iPod instead of an old record collection. It's that good.

Please do yourself and the body of Christ a favor. Buy a dozen copies, keep at least two and give the rest away to family and friends and anyone who's ever had a dream. It'll change their lives. They will be eternally grateful.

I believe this book is God's gift to the prophetic community worldwide. I am excited at the powerful upgrade it brings to equipping the saints. Thank you Jesus! Well done Adrian and Adam!

Brendan McCauley
Irish prophet and author

Dear Adam I am in Brisbane at the moment with our TV equipment suppliers. Your ministry was a blessing to my church during your recent visit to LAE. I have been tremendously blessed by your short ministry. Susan always uses your Divinity Code book as a kingdom tool to guide her as she interprets the dreams that she has. Our church people are still discussing the impact of your ministry with us. Some people who have been complacent and relaxed have been tremendously ignited in the Spirit to run the race. Spiritual hunger was imparted and the people want more of the things of the Spirit. They have come to understand clearly that God speaks to them through dreams and visions today.

The Divinity Code book is such a vital tool in the hands of the ordinary believer that the Holy Ghost can use to guide them as they interpret dreams. I would recommend this book to any believer who is moving into the supernatural as the church is advancing into the apostolic era. This is one of the best books I have on my shelf. God speaks to people using dreams throughout the scriptures. God speaks through seven channels including directly through the Bible, Gifts of the Spirit, Fivefold Ministry, Audible voice of the Spirit, Inward witness, Angelic messengers and of course DREAMS and Visions. Therefore ,the Divinity Code is a must read for those who thirst and hunger for the prophetic dreams that the Lord is speaking to His church. As we read this book may we seek the God the Father who gives us His dreams.

Joseph Kingal
PNG Tele-evangelist

"If God used dreams and their interpretation to shape world superpowers through the likes of Joseph and Daniel how much more today do we need to have understanding of such matters when He is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh through an abundance of dreams and visions. I believe that The Divinity Code is an invaluable resource in equipping us to decode our dreams while inspiring us to go deeper in the things of the Spirit.

This book has been a huge blessing to me and many in our church who have seen their lives impacted as they begin to unlock the things that God has been speaking to them but previously did not understand. Dream interpretation is not a 'spiritual fad' for I have personally witnessed the Holy Spirit use it to expose secrets of the heart, bring repentance and the resulting breakthroughs.

I have found it to be prophetic, inspiring, meticulously researched and scripturally sound and would recommend it to anyone who is hungry to go deeper in their spiritual journey."

Todd Weatherly
Senior Pastor Field of Dreams Australia

"I have been so very blessed through the book, ‘The Divinity Code’. I have always been interested in how God speaks to us through dreams, but have rarely understood what He is saying to me personally through them. I have bought other dream books, but was frustrated at the limited symbol interpretation.

Since buying ‘The Divinity Code’, I feel that a new realm of intimacy and communication has opened up to me - the comprehensive interpretations have opened up my dreams in an incredible way. I have been so encouraged by God, but also so blessed that He has warned me and shown me the error in some of my thinking. I encourage everyone to buy this book, and especially to read the teachings before the actual dream symbol interpretations. The teachings on dreams is EXCELLENT, and a valuable resource for us all. I love it that this book does not present itself as the ultimate authority, but stresses again and again that it is a resource to be used ALWAYS with the help of the Holy Spirit."

My three favorite books - 1. The Bible, 2. My Concordance, and 3. The Divinity’s THAT good!"

Tess Bartsch
(beloved daughter of the King!)

"This practical tool is well thought out and reads with ease. From the very first sentence I was captivated as I was taken into another person's world and could relate to the very story being shared. The early chapters lay solid theological foundations into the realm of the Spirit and teaching on the 'how to' of dream interpretation, giving the reader insight into many examples as they are shared throughout the book.

I have not found to date a tool that is so well referenced and utilised in my personal library on dream and vision interpretation. I use it almost on a daily basis as I am able to sit and write out my dreams and the dreams that others share with me in a sequenced fashion allowing the Holy Spirit to show me the metaphorical or literal meaning to abstract aspects of my dreams, allowing a vivid and concise interpretation.

One such dream, was one I had recurring as a child. After three decades, I now have some answers to questions that have been shelved in my memory bank. The Divinity Code is a highly valuable tool and provides much insight into situations releasing life to the hearer.

Well done to Adam and Adrian for your labour of love! I believe this book serves as a mighty weapon of discernment. The words are living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword."

Super-Abounding Grace to you,
Veronica Kilrain
Wife, Mother and Prophetic Intercessor
Western Australia