Conference Endorsements

We were absolutely thrilled with the Dream Conference. So many were touched and transformed by the truth and revelation God imparted. Adrian and Adam are the most humble and transparent servants who bring understanding and illumination to the Word of God. Each carry a powerful anointing that reaches into the depths of the Bible and pulls out the hidden treasure.

Since the conference, many within our church are now dreaming. Those who previously were given to dreams are receiving dreams in much more vivid detail and those who have never dreamed have been loosed and are receiving profound prophetic dreams!

As Pastors, we have implemented The Divinity Code into our daily prayer/ministry counseling sessions. The Lord has been healing people through their dreams and visions and this book is a powerful tool the Lord uses to assist in the interpretation and application.

We were incredibly blessed by hosting the Dream Conference. It shifted our church into another level of the prophetic preparing us for tomorrow.

Thank you for everything you both deposit in the lives of believers. May God abundantly bless your steps in 2011!

Pastors Dave & Dee Dee
Activation Church

Dear Adrian and Adam

Thank you for your recent visit to Cloverdale, B.C., Canada. Having read the Divinity Code we had some understanding of what to expect when you arrived but we received much more than we expected. Adrian’s ministry was sensitive and revelatory. Taking “live” dreams and interpreting them on the spot encouraged everyone in attendance and we all came away with a new appreciation for hearing God’s voice in our sleep. A very practical and accessible ministry time. Adam’s ministry times were fun and lively. A real sense of the power of the Lord’s presence was released and people experienced significant healings. We are still receiving the testimonies two weeks after the meetings! I am encouraging Pastors in our area to invite you two into their churches. They will be blessed, as we were.

Thanks again
Randy Emerson
Senior Pastor
Cloverdale Church.

I spoke at our meeting yesterday. As I was preparing, I remembered your meetings here in Canberra how you moved with words of knowledge. I've never moved in that before but remembering how you did your meetings...The day before I spoke I asked the Lord for words of knowledge for the meeting, the Lord gave me 9 specific words of knowledge for different people and 7 responded to those words...Amazing God!!

Thank you for coming to Canberra, your ministry encouraged me to move out more in the supernatural.... God Bless you continually with uncommon blessings!!’

Noa Muranyi

Knowing that God desires to speak to us, and our not being able to understand Him, creates frustration for us and keeps us from walking in the will of God. The ministry of Adrian Beale and Adam Thompson helps to bridge the gap of difference between the human and divine when God speaks to us in dreams and visions. Their precise interpretation of the message of God to our spirits through dreams and visions brings clarity and relief to our disturbed, troubled, confused souls.

I think that I have not found two men that have ministered more to me in the area of dreams and visions than any other I have encountered in my 40 years of ministry. I recommend that you read their book, (a great resource for dreams and visions), and attend their conference. It will bring clarity and direction to all who walk with God.

Howard A. Robinson, Jr.
Chief Apostle/Presiding Bishop
Agape Christian Fellowship International

What stood out to me was the impartation level of the meetings. When Adrian was teaching and when he was interpreting dreams there was revelation and impartation popping in the hearts and spirits of people all over the room. You could not only see it and feel it but you could hear their verbal expression as it was taking place.

When he was ministering I could sense The Holy Spirit impacting the spirit of countless people and at that moment there was not only impartation but also revelation to the soul of many of those present including myself, that was causing not only our spirits to be quickened but the word of God to come alive . That’s the only way that I can describe it.

Pastor Elvin Gladney
Real Life International, Seattle, WA

January 23-25, 2010 We hosted Adrian and Adam's ministry. Adam's ministry each evening was filled with prophetic words and words of knowledge for healing and encouragement for those who came. Holy Spirit gave Adam insight and released His power to touch lives. Saturday's Dreams Seminar led by Adrian was an incredible time of equipping and training all who were present how to interpret dreams and visions. His practical insight was interwoven with the Bible in order to help people gather revelation from God regarding His messages He sends to people through dreams and visions.

Everyone who attended has been talking about what a great opportunity it was to develop their ability to interpret the supernatural truth God reveals to us. They are planning another trip to the USA in December 2010. If you are anywhere near their Seminar and Ministry we would recommend you attend as God will use it to open your spirit to revelation and insights for your own opportunities to understand dreams and visions.

Pastor Russell Snyder

Thank you very much. Both my friend and I definitely had our expectations met at the seminar. You and Adam prayed for me at the end and imparted to me and I have had an increase in dreams and visions with interpretations since.

Pastor Shirley Bursley
Church on Wings, Phoenix, AZ