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The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions

Stop wondering what your dreams and visions mean—and start living the meanings!

The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions is a Bible-based guide to dream interpretation that reveals the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

With this set of Master keys, you can unlock the unseen realm! Led by the Holy Spirit, you can manifest God’s Kingdom on earth through Jesus Christ by knowing what your dreams and visions mean.

The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions contains:
The most extensive Christian dream dictionary on the market (with Scripture support).
An important dictionary of names and places.
A critical chapter on counterfeit interpretations by the occult.
101 interpreted dreams providing credible evidence.
A fascinating metaphor dictionary.

Embrace your supernatural communications with God and go deeper into the things of the Spirit—today!


Unlocking what god is saying while you sleep

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From Heaven to Earth: Living Life as a Spiritual Highlander

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God has dreams and visions reserved in heaven... waiting for you!

Too many people are stuck in the rut of the average, ordinary, and mundane. Why? They think what their natural eyes see is all there is to this life. There is more!

What the eyes can see reflects only a portion of who you really are. Your body houses your spirit, and that spirit is the part of you that supernaturally interacts with God.

Adam F. Thompson shares both his incredible personal encounters and Biblical insight showing you how to live from this supernatural place—specifically by communicating with God through dreams and visions.

In these pages, you will learn how to:

Position yourself to receive visions and dreams from heaven
Build your faith by using your imagination
Boldly decree God's promises over people's lives

Now is the time for your dreams and visions to come alive, and advance God's Kingdom on the Earth!

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Unlock An Ancient Faith That Will Change Your Life... Today!

These are not far-fetched, new age experiences. They are your inheritance as a believer in Jesus Christ!

Get ready to tap into the supernatural realm that saints of old and forerunners of yesteryears have walked in for centuries. This is not new truth or extra-Biblical revelation—it is a transition to normal living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Enoch. Abraham. Moses. Elijah. Elisha. These great patriarchs of old experienced God in ways that seem foreign and inaccessible today. Yet, because of Jesus, a New and Living Way was made so you could enjoy a new level of supernatural lifestyle that our ancestors longed to see and experience.

You will learn how to experience:
• A deeper fellowship with God
• The Holy Spirit's voice with greater clarity
• Supernatural encounters that produce spiritual maturity
• The untapped power of speaking in tongues... from the Old Testament

The Mystic Awakening is coming to the body of Christ. Are you ready?